Appivo is a low code app development platform that accelerates the entire software development lifecycle.

Build apps to enforce standards and processes to minimize errors and rework. Few things feel better than getting it right the first time - whatever it is.

1. Define the data

Create simple or complex data models without ever having to touch a database.

  • Built-in Database
  • Visual Data Modeling
  • Simple Query Builder
  • Role-based CRUD Access Control
  • Secure REST API

2. Design beautiful apps for all devices

Visually create web and mobile apps for browsers, iOS, and Android, leveraging a professional library of templates and themes.

  • Drag and drop UI widgets
  • Pre-built themes and templates
  • Email, SMS and push notificaitons
  • CSS editor with advanced options
  • HTML editor for custom components

3. Easily deploy your solution to the Android and iOS app stores

Build apps to publish to the native app stores for easy distribution and user installation.

  • Android and iOS app packages
  • Detailed build logs
  • Automatic sync and upload to the iOS App Store
  • Detailed control of mobile plugins
  • Debug build options

4. Maintain and evolve apps throughout their lifecycle

Add rules and integrations to account for changes in business logic to keep apps current and support a continuous improvement cycle.

  • Rules, triggers & actions
  • Inbound integrations (autogenerated SDKs)
  • Outbound integrations (APIs and webhooks)
  • Export apps as json + resources
  • Compatible with most SCM solutions

5. Scale your solution at your own terms

Add users and we’ll do the rest, ensuring that your applications always have the resources that they need.

  • Auto-scaling backend
  • Auto-healing services
  • Global cloud infrastructure
  • Built-in user management
  • Optional authentication integrations & SSO

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